I strongly believe wearing affluent clothing doesn't define who you really are, your character always will. Discover your individuality, it has so much power.. pursue it passionately & influence the world around you! - Tiyunna J.

I’m a multi passionate social entrepreneur with a flair for affordably chic style and a zeal for philanthropic women-centric initiatives.
 I strive to exemplifying virtuous character and make use of my gift of serving others. I really want to encourage you to live a fashionably frugal lifestyle with purpose! 

My style, which is influenced by the endless possibilities of honing into my uniqueness at thrift stores, has inspired others to find their own personal style. I have been thrift shopping on and off since college and more than usual after a huge financial meltdown in 2014. With an empty bank account and a heart full of dreams I began re-building my life and maximizing my wardrobe for less to shift funds to more important goals, like managing wealth for my family future, while living purposefully on earth.

Just what is it I do?, you may have wondered. I change lives by providing avenues to influence personal style and utilizing my expertise as a platform to empower women to feel, look, and live good. Although my services provide tons of benefits to clients, they also benefit the communities we live in.
As a mother, I developed a keen heart for young single mothers who feel hopeless in restoring themselves to their rightful place in society while going through a rough patch.  I personally have felt the burden. I've started taking tiny strides to making a social impact in the lives of young beautiful mothers.  Every fashion-focused social event or project I create provides some sort of benefit to support & build a foundation for the Inner Beauty Outreach, charity created to provide clothing, resources and style consulting to young women who seek to find completeness and self sufficiency.  
In my free time I enjoy being a sidekick to my little super hero Leighton, hanging out with family and friends, listening to good music, and finding ways to enjoy life while effortlessly increasing my value in the world.
Thank you for getting to know a bit about this frugal Gal.  I look forward to serving you in some way with a bit of style and substance.
 stay stylish,  Tiyunna J.

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